Client: IJM
Duration: 9 Months

Royal Mint Gardens is a project where JCI are Principle Contractor engaged on a design and build contract. The core works are to encapsulate over an existing DLR cutting using pre-cast beams with a concrete structural topping to allow for future building works to occur.
The installation of the encapsulation would lead to the open DLR cutting becoming a DLR tunnel environment and thus requiring further works trackside to meet DLR tunnel environment standards.

Works carried out track side included:
Full electrical and mechanical installation along the full length of the 150m tunnel.
Fire Main installed along the 150m Tunnel.
Two escape routes along the North and South of the encapsulation with a steel framed walkway with phenolic walkway and grp handrail.
100m of Pre-cast plank installation with structural slab topping.
Western escape route construction: Steel sheet pile temporary works shaft installed and within these the western stair core and stairs installed.
Fit out Western escape stairs E&M and all first and second fix items.
Install E&M Plant room for all E&M control gear.
Install 2 smoke extract fans under the E&M Plant room and all extraction ductwork from western escape stairs.
Eastern escape route to be constructed.
Western and Eastern Barrow crossings to be installed for services to cross the tracks.
Western escape stairs breakthrough.

Trackside works are to be completed within 9 possessions. All other works were managed to allow for normal train service to be maintained.