Main Contractor: McLarens
Client: Aviva Life & Pensions
Value: £1,200,000
Packages: Structural Alterations, Groundworks, Concrete, Builder’s Works
Architect: Campbell Architects
Structural Engineer: Waterman Structures

Demolition, groundworks and RC frame for major redevelopment of site adjoining Hanover Square and Oxford Street.

Current project for the redevelopment of 287-292 Oxford Street and 11-12 Hanover Square involving the demolition and reconstruction of the existing buildings on the site. These buildings have 4 properties adjoining them along the east and west boundaries and also abut the highway to the north and south of the site. The site will be demolished and reconstructed and take the form of an office and retail redevelopment.

The site has two independent frontages: one to Oxford Street; and the other to Hanover Square. Both are set in distinct, and different, contexts. Accommodation on the lower floors provide active frontage to both Oxford Street, in the form of retail frontage, and the main office entrance to Hanover Square, whilst the interior floors are set back from the main facades to providing north-facing terraces and green roof for the building users, and south-facing terrace overlooking Oxford Street and Hanover Square respectively.

Works involve:
– Bulk Excavation including groundworks: Drainage; Ducts; Manholes; Chambers; Tanks; Service Trenches; Pits and Covers.
– All works necessary to construct reinforced concrete pile caps, ground beams, basement slab, basement walls, including retaining and sheer walls (as required), columns, upstands and downstand beams, lift pits, sumps etc, and allow for starter bars as required.
– Basement walls are to be poured in 3 layers, or as approved by the structural engineer, to prevent overloading the existing party walls.
– There is a requirement to achieve grade 3 waterproofing which will be achieved by using preprufe with suitable waterstops. Waterproof concrete will be used in the basement walls, basement slabs and top 250mm of the pile caps and ground beams.
– Concrete, reinforcement and metal decking will be installed to all floors from ground level upwards. Floor installation will begin as soon as the frame is erected with return visits phased to infill areas following the removal of the tower crane.