Environmental File

Each new project is issued with an Environmental File that has all the relevant information for the implementation of environmental procedures, along with awareness training information.

The Site Environmental File also includes our Environmental Aspects Register, which identifies all aspects of our work activity and associated control measures, to mitigate any impact on the environment. Listed below are the contents of the file:

  • Environmental Policy Statement.
  • Environmental Policy.
  • ISO 14001:2004 & FSC Certification.
  • Environmental Qualifications.
  • Environmental Organogram.
  • Environmental Induction.
  • Environmental Tool Box Talks & Register.
  • Environmental Aspects Register.
  • Environmental Risk Assessments.
  • Associated CoSHH Information.
  • Waste Management Plan (Not SWMP).
  • Waste Marshall Induction Sheet & Check List.
  • BREEAM Vehicle Emissions Records (maintained electronically).
  • Emergency Preparedness, Response & Incident Report.
  • Environmental Communication Record.
  • Environmental Legislation Register.
  • Supplier FSC Certification.